Thursday, May 28, 2009

Curried tripe and trotters, the South African way!

I have been away for a while....
Fortunately, I am now back with one of the most devine recipes ever. So some of you might puke first before you read on, and that's ok, who am I to judge? All I can say is try it, one of two things will happen. You will either love it or hate it and puke!
1x Large sheep stomach and 4 to 6 trotters (that's the little feet!)
1x Large onion
1 tbls curry powder - mild or hot
4 to 6 whole cloves
500ml mutton stock
4 large potatoes halved
Salt to taste

Saute onion and cloves. Add curry powder when onions are soft and transparent and mix well.
Add tripe and trotters and mix well. Add salt to taste and add mutton stock.
Cook for about 4 hours or until soft if using a regular pot. Add potatoes in the last hour.
Cook for about 2 hours if using a steam cooker and add potatoes in the last 15 minutes.
Serve hot with traditional pap, samp or rice!

Hope to hear from you on this one!
Enjoy, till next time....


windhoeklass said...

hi yolande, loved this recipe as it was one of my mum's favourites!" we kids used to eat out hearts out. i,m going to try it with my freshly acquired tripe and sheep feet. teach my hubby and 3 year old what kings' dinning mean.
many regards

Anonymous said...

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